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Zara offers the latest trends in international fashion in an environment of thought-out design. Its stores, located in the main commercial areas of cities across Europe, America and Asia, offer fashion inspired in the tastes, wishes and lifestyles of today's men, women and children. Boundaries do not prevent anyone from sharing the same fashion culture. Thus, Zara has a stores in some countries. All of them have been designed to create a special atmosphere that will allow the client to feel the pleasure of buying fashion. Zara opened the first store in 1975 in Spain. Since 2007 Zara stores have men's clothing and women's clothing as well as children's clothing (Zara Kids). The Spanish firm not only sells clothes but also designs and makes them. It has never run an advertising campaign, yet has more than 1,500 shops worldwide. As Zara makes the clothes itself, it can react quickly to changing market trends. The company's success lies in it having total control of every part of the business. Have you ever seen a Zara commercial on a billboard or on TV? The company's founder, Amancio Ortega, believes advertising is a pointless distraction. Zara's success is proof that it is still possible to build a massive brand by doing no more than meeting a market need.

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