10 Things to do in Pattaya

By Elizabeth May
Posted at 08/05/2014

This beach town is about 2 hours from the Capital city Bangkok.  It's become quite popular over the years with foreigners and expatriates, attracting over 4 million visitors a year. 

There's a good reason that this place is so popular, as there are tons of things to see and do. 


  1. The Sanctuary of Truth @ Naklua
    This structure is built entirely of Teakwood, but it is not a temple or palace, although it resembles a hybrid of both.  It was built as a monument to Thai craftsmanship and reflects the "Ancient Vision of the Earth",  "Ancient Knowledge", and "Eastern Philosophy".  Beautifully executed structure.  Definitely a place you should see! 
  2. Jomtien Floating Market
    If you've never been to a floating market, you should probably visit.  There are several sets of Thai houses built over a large pond, with little water alleyways.  You can walk over the cute wooden bridges that connect the sections or choose to ride in a small paddleboat, operated by a local Thai. 
  3. Wine Cellar @ Naklua
    If you decided to make the Sanctuary of Truth part of your travel itinerary, then you’re already in Naklua, and probably looking for a yummy place to eat.  This is your stop for international food.  All you need to do is look at the pictures on the menu and your mouth starts watering. 
  4. Walking Street
    If you're looking for a night out on the town, this is your one stop shop.  It’s lined with restaurants, bars, go-go bars, discos, cabaret shows and so much more.  It’s worth a walk in the evening if you're looking for a drink and a good time. 
  5. Pattaya Boxing World
    If you've come to Thailand, no trip is complete without witnessing the famous Muay Thai boxing shows.  This is a place that offers culture, action and entertainment all in one go! 
  6. Jomtien Beach
    This is an upbeat kind of beach.  There are lots of vendors selling sarongs, skewers of chicken, bracelets and so much more.  You don't have to leave your beach chair to do some shopping.  Even though there can be a lot going on here, it's much more relaxed than Pattaya beach, and presents a good alternative if you’re looking to get away from the swarms of people.
  7. Central Festival Pattaya Beach
    Asia's largest beachfront mall.  If you're looking to brush the sand off your feet and do some fine shopping, this is the place for you. Take a break from the sun, cool off in the air conditioning and take a stroll around the mall to see if there’s anything you can’t live without!
  8. Mermaids Dive Center
    This is an absolute must if you want to experience other worldly magnificence.  Pattaya has great dive sites with beautiful coral, colorful critters of the sea, and majestic shipwrecks that are sure to inspire awe.  Do yourself a favor and take one of these tours.  You won't regret it.  http://www.pattaya-scuba-diving.com/
  9. Mantra Restaurant & Bar 
    With a seriously in vogue decor, delicious food, and great service, this is your place to dine and unwind. There are really cool themes in the different "corners" of the restaurant.  You can choose to immerse yourself in "hedonist Harlem", "the opium den”, "the Sultan's table" or others!
  10. Mixx Discoteque Pattaya
    If you're looking for a naughty and fun night in Pattaya, this is your calling.  Boasting a modern, unique design with several rooms to enjoy whatever your heart desires.  Want a hookah?  No problem! Want to dance? There’s plenty of that going on!  Want to hear good music?  Choose your genre and enjoy!