In Linz, the Danube curves and changes direction – here, it changes its face. Is it just chance that at exactly this point on the river, a city has emerged that has experienced many changes? "Lentos" and "Lentia" are the Celtic and Roman names for Linz. Both refer to the river's change of course, both also tell the story of Linz's transformations. For the moment, the last of these is that of the booming industrial city to the European Capital of Culture. Especially in Austria, the Danube is far more than the fascinatingly beautiful river landscape that stretches from the bend known as the Schlögener Schlinge to Grein, via the Linz Basin and the picturesque Strudengau region. Like a leitmotif, it runs through Linz's past and onwards into its future. The churches, castles, fortresses and bridges on the Danube are steel and stone witnesses to better, eventful and also more terrible times. The Danube was no less than the "Route of Emperors and Kings". The Nibelungs, Roman emperors and crusaders travelled it, as did King Louis VII of France and Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa with their entourage. In addition, the bridal journey of the Bavarian princess Sisi led from Straubing to Passau, Linz and Vienna, at the end of the 19th century. There, she became Empress Elisabeth of the Habsburgs' multinational state, also known as the Danube Monarchy. The Danube in Linz is a space for art – an open-air museum where world-class artworks of steel are presented between striking buildings such as the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, the Brucknerhaus and the Tabakfabrik. They are works by artists like David Rabinowitch, Mathias Goeritz and Herbert Bayer, and are testimony to the epoch-making "forum metall" in 1977. In Linz, you can also experience how the Danube fused many different artistic movements, which consequently under-went a revival – be it the Donauschule in the 15th century or the Bauhaus movement in the 20th.

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